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The VASTVERSE is built by a team of researchers, developers, scholars amongst others across the globe.

Create. Visualize. Deploy.

VAST is a light-weight network library that supports Spatial Publish Subscribe (SPS) so that virtual worlds such as MMOGs and Second Life can be built more scalably.

Existing virtual worlds rely on static resource provisioning and partitioning that are expensive to deploy and have inherent scalability limits. VAST intends to provide an open source alternative that is scalable, affordable, and easily deployable.


A timeline of key VASTVERSE events



Voronoi-based Overlay Network (VON) research started


1st Masters Thesis

VON: published at ACM SIGCOMM NetGames workshop (advised by Prof. Jui-Fa Chen)

[paper] [slides] [ACM]


C++ Release

VAST: C++ open source library released



FLoD: 3D streaming on VON published at IEEE INFOCOM (Shun-Yun Hu Ph.D thesis, advised by Prof. Jehn-Ruey Jiang)



VAST ported from C++ to JavaScript


Minecraft SPS

VAST.js for Minecraft started (Miguel Smith master thesis, advised by Prof. Herman Engelbrecht)





The public spatial infrastructure conceived (Victory Opeolu Ph.D thesis, advised by Prof. Herman Engelbrecht)



Spat: Spatial Chat kickstarted (Charl Marais undergrad project, advised by Prof. Herman Engelbrecht)

Meet the Team

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best

Shun-Yun Hu

CEO - Imonology

Herman Engelbrecht

HoD: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Stellenbosch University

Charl Marais

Student - Stellenbosch University

Alida Foscher

Student - Stellenbosch University

Victory Opeolu

Student - Stellenbosch University

Amit Haritwal

Intern - Imonology

Debojyoti Das​

Intern - Imonology​

Special Mentions

Shout-out to the following developers that have contributed to the project.

  • Shao-Chen Chang
  • Tsu-Han Chen
  • Jiun-Shiang Chiou
  • Yu-Li Huang
  • Man-Chun Li
  • Guan-Ming Liao
  • Anisio Baptista
  • Atanda Abdul-Semiu
  • Wenhao

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