Looking for an open source alternative to the Metaverse?

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Are you an ambitious researcher looking to build the next generation of internet infrastructure?Are you looking for alternative infrastructure to the Metaverse? One that is lightweight, robust and highly scalable.

What is the problem?

The rise in demand for virtual worlds has and will lead to the need for efficient, robust, cost effective and highly scalable infrastructure.


VAST is an open-source network library that supports Spatial Publish/Subscribe (SPS) so that virtual worlds such as MMOGs and Second Life can be built more scalably. 


The library is built to be highly efficient by making the source code as lightweight as possible.

Robust and highly scalable

The library is built using a decentralized architecture, ensuring there’s not a single point of failure.

Publish/Subscribe support

It is designed to allow for both the ‘traditional’ channel based systems (e.g. MQTT) as well as spatial pub/sub.

Efficient client management infrastructure

The network has an Voronoi Overlay Network Partitioning system, a hight efficient tool to manage load among the various clients.

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